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Christmas  Blood Sugar Balancing Breakfasts


It should be known that I absolutely LOVE Christmas. Now that I live in a place where it gets occasional snow, I think it is extra fun!  As wonderful it can be though, we all probably know that Christmas can also be stressful when it comes to our health: later nights and poor quality sleep, heavier food that is higher in carbs and refined sugars,  less time to workout, the stress of travel or certain not-so-easy-to-get-along-with family/friends.   Then there are all the cold flu bugs flying around like maverick reindeer.   Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming and defeating just thinking about trying to stay healthy!  It doesn’t have to be though!

Let me help!  After some brainstorming I realized some of  the best information and resources I could give you this season to help you succeed in your holiday healthy eating would be to focus balancing your blood sugars!   Sound boring?  Ho, it is anything BUT!


THE WHAT: For the next 13 days I will be giving you tips, principles and recipes to help you get your day off to a good start by stabilizing your blood sugar.

THE WHY: Let’s jump in briefly as to WHY Balanced blood sugar is important…. note, you do NOT need to be Diabetic to consider how food (and lifestyle) might be affecting your blood sugar levels.   The honest truth is EVERYONE should take it into consideration.  Here is why…

Balanced blood sugar is key to overall health because it is foundational for every other physiological process in the body.  It’s almost like the tires on your car.  No tires, no go.  Tires with holes, no go (barely). Old tires…expect a blow-out.  When your blood sugar is balanced, you are able to…

  • Make and use energy well
  • Have a stable mood
  • Get improved sleep
  • Synthesize (make) hormones that maintain your weight and fertility.
  • Balance the hormones that affect appetite (something we like to get all technical about and call “satiation” or being satisfied).

The opposite is true if your blood sugar is OUT of balance:

  • Variable mood and energy (think post-meal energy-lag and sleepiness)
  • Sleep disturbances (especially in the middle-of-the-night)
  • Fluctuating weight/weight gain
  • Difficulties with fertility and PMS symptoms
  • Crazy appetite and food cravings (especially after eating something sweet)

As well as…

  • Insulin resistance potentially leading to Diabetes
  • Hormonal Acne
  • Difficulty detoxifying the liver
  • This list could go on…

It’s amazing right?  Who knew that balanced blood sugar could be so foundational and VITAL to your wellbeing!

Property of The Pantry Lab LLC

There are several things that go into balancing our blood sugar:  stress, timing of meals, size of meals and the food eaten in the meals/snacks.

For the purpose of this series, I am going to focus on the meal considered to be the “most important” of the day…you’ve got it… BREAKFAST!

I know it sounds cliché but honestly, if you don’t start your day well in terms of breakfast and blood sugar, your body playing catch-up all day long, riding the roller-coaster of outrageous food/sugar cravings, flagging energy and attention,  overeating, post meal crashes and late night snacking etc.  We have all been there (yes, this Dietitian included)!    At the risk of sounding too  ominous  I personally have found… breakfast is the blueprint for what I will crave and eat all day.

Property of The Panty Lab LLC

This Christmas though, let’s start your day off well and set your day up for success with Blood sugar balancing breakfasts.  I will post a variety of recipes with that in mind.  You may be surprised at how ordinary and simple some of these breakfasts can be.   I’ll include some basic breakfast tips as well as a basic shopping list for breakfasts I will be highlighting.

You ready?  Well stay tuned for some healthy holiday goodness!

Photo credits: All photos were taken from Pexels unless otherwise indicated.

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