Hi all!  Dietitian Cathryn here! Being a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) does NOT mean I don’t crave sweets at times or always buy organic foods.  I live in the same world you do.  But it does mean I have been trained to help those of us with real food issues:  weight gain or loss, doctor prescribed diets, allergies, menu planning, cooking etc.  I believe nutrition is powerful.  Nutrition is unique for each individual and it ‘s affect can be remarkable.

This blog is a place to educate and share the wonder of real-food nutrition from a scientific perspective and a practical one.   I call it “from the why (Science) to the what (your plate!)”

I want you to know what to put in your pantry, on your plate and in your mouth.  That is why I named this site The Pantry Lab.

I love nutrition because I used to wonder what to eat.  I used to wonder why I gained weight even though I ate “healthy,” why I struggled with fatigue and why my margin for everyday stress was low.  I did research and changed the way I ate. I also was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  Soon afterwards, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.   It is through these experiences that I know diet and lifestyle are so powerful.  I experienced first-hand how disease and metabolism can affect your food choices and health (ie food cravings, skin reactions, hormone irregularities etc). I also learned how your food choices CAN affect disease, metabolism and your overall well-being.   This is what I am excited to share on The Pantry Lab!

I am always hungry to learn more, so I am currently seeking more education in a field of nutrition and medicine that looks at “food as medicine.”  This field is called Functional Medicine and Nutrition.

So thank you for stopping by! Whether you are looking for a good recipe, an answer to a nutrition question or for some specific nutrition counseling please, be my guest…welcome The Pantry Lab.