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Day 4: The 12 Days of…(Series)

A lemon-flavored smoothie in December? Really? Yes really! Not only is it delicious, it contains five of the top 10 foods to aid blood sugar control!

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Day 3: Cottage Cheese Pancakes[The 12 Days of …BBB series]

These yummy circles of goodness are “crepe-like,” .flat, moist and delish! Did I mention high in protein?


Day Two: The 12 Days Of…(series)

  The 12 Days of Blood Sugar Balancing Breakfasts: Day 2 Yesterday I began a series called The 12 days of Blood Sugar Balancing Breakfasts (see it HERE)  and while there will many days of recipes, I am starting out with TIPS and  a SHOPPING LIST that will prove helpful for the next few days. Tips.… Continue reading Day Two: The 12 Days Of…(series)


National Brownie Day!

Who knew that December 8th (this Thursday) was National Brownie Day?!  Well it is!  So while  you are in the spirit of holiday baking, why not add brownies to the mix of goodies?. Yet since there are so many sweets running around, tempting us to over indulge, why not make brownies that give a little… Continue reading National Brownie Day!

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Celebrating National Comfort Food Day!

National Comfort Food Day! So this Monday, December 5th, is National Comfort Food day. While mac N cheese, casseroles and mashed potatoes often pop up under the Google search for “comfort foods,” the reality is if you asked 100 people what comfort food is to them you will likely get 100 different answers.   My husband… Continue reading Celebrating National Comfort Food Day!